Slipping Mickeys was a solo project of mine from back in 2004. The album "Highly Toxic...Yet Tasty!" is, for the most part, an instrumental album. It's a variation of many different genres. I have recently remastered the album from front to back and it should be available for download and streaming at the beginning of 2020.

Below is a brief description that was originally written sometime shortly after the first release.

I recently released a solo album and rather than using my own name (as most normal people do), I thought that I would have some fun and come up with something a little more creative. This will allow me the freedom in the future to release another album under a different name and not having to be tied down to one specific style of music. Now that's thinking ahead! People often ask me where did I come up with the name SLIPPING MICKEYS. Well, one night I was watching an episode of SEINFELD, and George was at a party trying to slip his boss a mickey. It's a very funny episode and one of my favorites (season 2 episode no.12 "The Revenge"). So, I took the ole saying "slip a mickey" and changed it to simply "slipping mickeys". I thought it seemed to go well with the title I had already decided to use from my poem "Highly Toxic...Yet Tasty". Something in my weird sense of humor found this funny, so I went with it. Thus, SLIPPING MICKEYS was born. But instead of sneaking powdery substances into drinks behind peoples backs, I am "slipping songs" right out of the speakers and into their souls. Music can control the human body, much like a drug or a tasty drink. It can change your mood from one song to the next. Midway through the recording process, I decided to cut out the lyrics and make it pretty much an instrumental album. I feel that sometimes words can get in the way. Somethings are better left unsaid. So, I threw out the words (with the exception of one song and some ambient vocals). I know what the songs mean to me. It's up to the listener to paint their own picture and decide what each song means to them. The album covers a wide variety of styles and sounds. A song for every mood!

FYI...that is my wife Ericka on the cover of the album artwork.