Living in the south, one of the fastest escapes to paradise is to load up the family and take a little roadtrip down to the Gulf of Mexico.  My mom and dad started a yearly tradition for my sisters and me when I was just a few months old.  That tradition continued up until my college days.  Every year we spent our spring breaks, and usually a week in the summer, visiting the world's most beautiful beaches down in Panama City Beach, Florida.  Our once secret hideaway became overexploited after MTV decided to show up with their cameras and televise the prestigious Emerald Coast to the world.  After that, we skipped around to other areas of the Florida panhandle to avoid the crowds.  In an attempt to try and pass on some of the same memories that I was fortunate enough to experience, my wife and I now continue that same annual pilgrimage every year with our kids.  This song is about those family trips down to the beach, escaping the realities of the treacherous workweek and just chillin' out with the people I love the most.  It’s time to live it up y’all…’cause life’s a beach!

FYI...that is my youngest daughter Brinkley, my son Xander and my wife Ericka on the artwork for the single.