If you live in the south for any length of time, eventually someone is going to ask you... "do you hunt?".  In the past, I would always respond with a sense of fear and disappointment as I uttered a low soft "no".  But, I have come to realize that one of my hobbies just might be considered hunting.  I hunt for barbeque!  Instead of venturing off into the woods, I get my map out and scour the city streets in search for a hidden gem.  With my nose to the wind, trailing the scent of that undeniable smokey aroma, I inch closer and closer to my destination.  Pulling into the parking lot, I am overcome with joy.  I reach for my camera and fire off a few rounds, making my presence known.  Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but it's not enough to satisfy my hearty appetite.  My eyes lock in on the plate of meat as it moves closer to my table.  I think to myself as I unfold a napkin, "this is going to be messy".  The smell is intoxicating.  I can't handle it any more.  "It has to be done", I say, while clutching my fist around my weapon of choice... the almighty fork.  Within a matter of minutes, it is devoured.  It never had a chance, for I am... The BBQ Hunter!