I recently came across an old box full of cassette tapes.  These old tapes contain bits and pieces of songs I recorded years ago (somewhere between '92-'96) using a Yamaha 4 track recorder.  I could ping pong tracks back and forth to where I would eventually end up with several individual tracks (hi-tech at the time).  I would experiment with different sounds and layer them one on top of the other.  Keep in mind, this was back before cd-burners were on the market and computers still used 3.5 inch floppy disk that stored a measly 1.44MB.  Now days a single cd can hold somewhere around 700MB.  Anyway, back to the cassette tapes.  I stumbled across this song I wrote called NEW DAY.  It is the very first song I ever recorded, all on my own using such "Hi-Tech" equipment.  Everything I had written up until this point had started out on either my acoustic or electric guitars.  Here, I was playing an old Casio keyboard (purchased from Radio Shack) along with my Simmons drums and an Alessi drum machine.  I had a sticker made with my band name on it to cover up the Casio name.  I figured they weren't paying me to advertise it and I couldn't afford a Korg or anything else that didn't suck.  At the time my cousin Clint and I were playing music together regularly.  We had been practicing together since our youth (which was limited to family reunions).  But as we got older and more time became available, we got together as often as possible.  Our band name was NEBULA (a vast mass of interstellar gas), which seemed appropriate.  Not sure on the interstellar part of it, but an abundance of gas, nonetheless.  We recorded hours upon hours of music together and had a blast every single minute.  Those old songs never materialized and probably never will.  But I hope to write music with him again someday. 

So now, I leave you with one of my first recordings... 'New Day'.  As you listen, keep in mind this was taken straight from a cassette tape and the sound has not been properly mixed.



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