Chicago Sunday Tribune, November 24, 1935

Chicago Sunday Tribune, November 24, 1935


"Listening to Coleman Cooler (With a Yeti Sticker) has become a ritual for me every morning as I am putting on my crown".The Queen of England 

"In the business world, we all have regrets.  My biggest regret was not investing heavily in Cheddar Peppers when I had the chance". - Warren Buffett 

"Sometimes a song comes along and makes me think, OMG...I wish that were my song.  Truly amazing!  Why isn't Bernie writing songs about beer coolers?  I think I might be overpaying him". - Sir Elton John 

"I can't believe my bloody ears.  I didn't know music could sound like that.  It makes me want to take up banjo lessons.  A Coleman cooler with a freakin' Yeti sticker on it?  Are you kidding me?  It's brilliant!  I'm seriously done with heavy metal music man.  I'm not even joking.  I'm bloody done". - Ozzy Osbourne (Prince of Darkness) 

"I don't want it to ever stop.  I'm walking around swattin' skeeters and callin' hogs.  I don't even know what a skeeter is, but I like it.  I mean, there's Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven', the one about the three little pigs and then there's this.  It's an instant classic.  Come on...Becky Jo's jeans?  Wow!  I don't even own a Chevy, but I want one bad.  Look out"! - Christopher Walken 

"Everybody's getting a Coleman cooler with a Yeti sticker!  You get a cooler!  You get a cooler!  You get a cooler!  She gets a cooler!  He gets a cooler!  You all get a cooler!  Woo Pig Sooie...Hallelujah"! - Oprah 

The above testimonials are for poops and giggles only.

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Q.  What do you like or dislike about your current Spotify Pitching Service?
A.  I am not using one at the moment. 

Q.  What is your biggest challenge you face as an artist on Spotify?
A.  Being an independent unknown artist can be frustrating when you are competing against known acts that are being backed by multi-million dollar companies.  Independent artists like myself have to spend a massive amount of time just to get a handful of people to listen to our music.  It is hard to maintain creativity for songwriting when you have all the distractions from the business side of the music industry. 

Q.  What would be your ideal Spotify Pitching service if you could design it?
A.  Treat each artist as equals.  Make it an equal playing field.  Not based on how many albums you have sold, but rather the quality of the music that is being pitched.  Artists that might have had one good song a few years ago get babied by the music industry because their image has become more popular than the music itself.  They can put out crap records, pump out the same old BS and make millions while doing it. 

Q.  Have I asked about everything that is important to you.
A.  I think an interesting question for any artist would be, "what lengths would you go become successful in this business?".  I am not sure that many of todays artists would have answered that question honestly before they became the celebrities they are now.  But judging by the way a lot of them act, I would have to say that many of them would sell their souls to the devil himself...if that were an actual thing.  If the music is good, then why does someone have to use sex to sell albums.  Why would a person degrade themselves to be seen as an object?  My theory is, those who do have a low self-esteem and have absolutely no confidence in the music they are trying to sell.  So they overcompensate by trying to distract attention away from the music and hope that people will use their eyes instead of their ears.  For me, I think the music should speak for itself.  Plain and simple!  If you don't like my music, I am not going to use other methods to try and lure you in.  If the fish aren't biting, it's time to reel in the hook and move to the otherside of the lake.



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