Founded just a few miles north across the Arkansas River from Little Rock, Rebelstökk is an alternative rock endeavor by lyricist and songwriter Tim Hill (a.k.a. Lord Cheddar Pepper).  Rebelstökk derived after decades of exposure to a plethora of influential artists and out of love for the music and diverse creativity they each exhibit.

The first single release from Rebelstökk is a dark and melodic ballad called 'Cry'.  A piano accompanied by strings sets the mood with a soft romantic feel.  One can almost envision candles flickering a warm glow in a dimly lit room as the music continues like a soundtrack in a blockbuster Hollywood love story.  But those tiny flames have melted the wax and the once innocent candles have started a fire that is now blazing out of control.  The guitar and drums rage in unison as the story unfolds.  Like a winding drive across steep jagged mountains, the song races frantically forward and keeps on rocking throughout every twist and turn.  Buckle up and take an adventurous ride with Rebelstökk, as you set back and enjoy the scenic journey that is 'Cry'.  It's a romance turned thriller, with a classic fairy tale happy ending.  Hang on tight and enjoy! 

The name Rebelstökk is a combination of two separate words (rebel / stōke) that have been compounded to make one closed form word.  The letter "o" has been graciously adorned with a metal umlaut for decorative purposes only.  With a little Scandinavian inspiration, the letter "e" has been omitted from the end and replaced with an extra "k" to give it a more rugged appeal.


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